Saint Barthélémy's island is the must of the Guadelupian tourism.
Being situated in 230 km in the North of Guadeloupe and in 35 km in the South of Saint Marin,
St Barth is appreciated for the beauty of his landscapes and his luxurious villas.
Besides, the island possesses magnificent bays which allow to much sailors to cast anchor
In a paradisiac frame


With a population of approximately 4000 inhabitants, Saint Barthelemy differs from others islands by
its history, its populating and its port-Frankly. They live mainly of fishing, the trade and tourism.
They collect mainly Swedish, Breton and Normands sailors and some Americans to the retirement.
Saint Barth receives 160 000 visitors every year.

In some words St-Barth it is: :

  • a small aerodrome and a small port.
  • Hotels big luxury & a discotheque.
  • Regatta annual of world fames.
  • And by respect for this eden,
  • The ground hunting and the harpoon fishing are forbidden.

  • From an Administrative point of view:

    1 sub-prefecture with St-Martin.
    1 Municipality
    1 Canton
    St BARTHELEMY possesses his police, his fire brigades, his Tax collector,
    his right of quay (4 % on the value in Customs of the off-loaded goods).

    Customs Situation

    As Saint Martin, Saint-Barthélemy constitutes a free zone. The rural products benefit
    from advantages of the free zones of the European Union.

    Languages: French and English.
    Exchanges: euro, US Dollar.